uMi: digital empathy, social interaction + trust

This project is the outcome of my time as a scholar at European Innovation Academy, a 3 weeks extreme accelerator in Cascais Portugal led by the likes of Google, Daimler, Stanford or Uber.

In the programme I worked in an international group with 2 Americans, a Canadian and a British student on connecting strangers and establishing trust through digital empathy. We decided to create uMi, a new kind of social media app that uses geographical location to create accessible support networks.

//Credits to: RJ Pimentel, Stephen Boyle, Julia Olmstead and Siya Amin



Lack of an easy and safe way to trustfully engage with strangers in a specific geographical radius for college students.

A location-based messaging platform that connects people via their wants and needs and facilitates the interconnection amongst communities.



Full-Time students between 18 and 30 years old.

To experience empathy, feel connected, get support, overcome social barriers and experience a trustful and rich study environment.