Electric Toothbrush

Mini Project

In this mini project, I looked at improving my surface modelling skills in Rhino by creating a decluttered toothbrush design. I chose to integrate USB-C charging as a contemporary way of powering a device and to prevent the frustration of the user should he forget or loose the specific cable that these devices usually come with.

The replaceable brushes come in various bright colours that set a contrast to the monochrome shell of the toothbrush. This helps to distinguish between multiple devices in a household and adds customisability.

The toothbrush is made from aluminium. The surface treatment is determined by electroplated antimicrobial metal. The dark colour makes it easy for the user to spot stains when the brush gets dirty.

The brush head is still too large to be operated properly and development regarding the ergonomics is necessary. Future versions could also include IOT integration; data regarding the brushing behaviour could be evaluated to help the user improve on his oral health.