To Kiss Or Not To Kiss

by Gabriela Bustamante, Design That Matters

I was invited to join Gabriela Bustamante as a Freelancer in her pursuit to design a contemporary version of the Dutch Kissing Couple, a famous souvenir from The Netherlands.

My role as a freelancer is to help determining the design and manufacturing process of these ceramic figurines and the production of the models.

Together with my client, we decided to introduce a digital workflow to the world of ceramics by using 3D scanning, digital sculpting and 3D printing.

I am currently in the process of producing the digital models using Zbrush. The next step will be to 3D print each figurine to produce a slip cast mold. Afterwards the product will be produced overseas under fair working conditions together with a dutch partner.


//CREDITS to to Gabriela Bustamante, Design That Matters, Title Photo: Jonne Verhoog