the neutral chair

The neutral chair is a proposal for a careful extension of Vitsoes product portfolio. Vitsoe was founded in 1959 to realise Dieter Rams‘ ingenious furniture designs. Up until today, the company only produces and distributes the original products created by the german designer following the ideal of a constraint sustainability.


The neutral chair presents itself as a quiet and adaptive piece of furniture. It ties in with the 10 principles for good design by Dieter Rams and Vitsoes functionalism.



This comes especially true through the modularity of the neutral chair and its adaptive character. The construction is connected by only 12 screws and each of the 5 main parts can be easily replaced if broken or worn. Backrest and seat are interchangeable and available in a variety of materials – all produced via Thermoforming. This allows the user to customise and adapt the furniture.



The manufacturing process, the modularity and the simple form of seat and backrest make the design future-proof and allow material research to introduce new and more sustainable materials to the neutral chair.



The design is directly inspired by Dieter Rams‘ original designs for both Braun and Vitsoe. The neutral chair takes clues from the Braun L2 speaker and the Vitsoe 601 chair.



With the neutral chair, Vitsoe gains a versatile product for customers who value flexibility and have multiple demands from a chair. It can be used as a side chair, it fits a dining room and can easily be moved around the house.