symBIO house

This housing concept proposes a symbiosis between greenhouse and residence set in the year 2025.

This is a University Project that I did together with the Deerns Group in the first year of my ID studies.

The task was to explore and speculate upon different future scenarios until the year 2050 and to create a meaningful concept along the way. We furthermore were asked to propose a strategic advise to the company we worked with.

I started by doing research and setting the axis Collective – Individual and Open Source – Closed Source. From that I created a roadmap with the key trends for the housing and energy industry. The results of the research and the communication with Deerns led me to create the symBIO house concept and advise the company to act as an Independent consultancy that works with modular solutions such as the proposed concept.

Why the symBIO house?

With a growing demand for food, energy and water in ever evolving cities, the symBIO house offers a self-sufficient community-centered solution.

The greenhouse on the ground floor adds a natural touch to the metropolis of tomorrow while the energy and resource flow within the construct is cyclic.

Multiple symBIO houses would form a community and add up to a decentralised and supportive micro-grid.

Check out the Presentation about the symBIO house that was held to Deerns.