Subtle Lamp

Conceptual Bedside Light for Gantri.

The Subtle Lamp is a study on Kenya Haras‘ philosophy of Emptiness and the research on Normality by Naoto Fukasawa. My design is set in the context of 3D printing at Gantri and ties in with their product portfolio.

The Lamp turns on when you lift its head up and slowly fades off when you push it back to the base. This Interaction can for example be understood as sunrise and sunset but it is open to the user to interpret it.


„The design is clever — and quite attractive. Congratulations“  – Don Norman on the Subtle Lamp


The Subtle Lamp on Yanko Design

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I applied my model of Agency  to the Lamp Concept. – An objects Agency informs your Interaction with it. Agency is perceived through the afforded actions which the designer can emphasise by implementing cues. I designed the cues within the Subtle Lamp in the form of intuitive symbolism based on the principle of Don Normans Conceptual Models.

The construction is informed by archetypical and modernist rules of geometry. This gives the bedside lamp a calm presence – ideal for the use context.