Branding + Graphic Design

Freelance Job for Reparatur Café Dieburg

For this project I was hired by the Team of Reparatur Café Dieburg to design the visual identity and to create advertisement material.

The Café is meant to work as space for the citizens to meet and hang out together and as a public workshop to fix broken objects. The goal was to find a visual language that feels light, welcoming and empathetic.

I picked a combination of light grey and blue with a contrasting red. The light tones promise a relaxing environment while the red should evoke curiosity.

For the graphics I came up with everyday objects that have anthropomorphic features and therewith gain a character. This should on one hand emphasise on the repair aspect of the Café while at the same time add a social layer as well as a compassionate mindset.

The illustration style feels wiggly and light and reminds of hand drawings. This should create an approachable atmosphere. The layout is slightly chaotic which makes it rather personal.

The fonts display a mixture of fun and seriousness; Raisonne is vibrant and playful while Minion helps to get the message across.