Branding, Editorial and Graphic Design

Freelance Job for Research Platform Innovation Networks

I was invited by Dr. Christine De Lille to design an Editorial for her inauguration as the head professor of the design research group Innovation Networks.

Innovation Networks focusses on the innovation of collaboration as well as the future of three core domains: Retail, Urban Mobility and Food.

The project quickly expanded and I went on to work on the Branding, the Editorial, Assets for the Inauguration event as well as the Layout for De Lilles‘ slides for her speech.

The cover shows the Logo that I designed for the Research Group. It depicts a human face made from a line that constantly meets and departs.

My intention was to show the work of a research network and of collaborations through the line and the human-centred approach through the motif of a face.

I designed the logos for the three sub groups within Innovation Networks and created icons for the three research domains. The logos are kept in blue while the icons are placed in a coloured circle. The choice of colours as well as the fonts are explained below.

The logo for innovation spaces symbolises the concept of thinking outside the box.

The logo for innovation networks zooms into a human-centred network without hierarchy.

The logo for role of design shows the act of permeating surface and discovering the beauty within a system.


The icons for the research domains represent archetypes that trigger the memory of the viewer.

For the Branding I started with designing a colour palette that build up on previous Styleguides and picked fonts.

Gotham was originally created for the GQ magazine and has a rich history throughout the world of publications. Recently it gained attention during the presidential campaign of Barack Obama and attained a connotation to freedom and flexibility. Minion Pro is an update of the original typeface Minion that was designed to give a calm and balanced reading experience. I chose Minion Pro for the main text of the publication due the improved readability of serifs.

My client wanted a crisp, functional yet evoking aura and together we worked out a colour scheme based on the traditional Dutch Blauw with contrasting modern colours. The contrasting colours match the domains.